1. While I am writing here, I am not feeling much good, my problem is that I can’t be same for more than 2-3 days, I become all totally a different person! It become even tougher for me to recognize myself! Internally it become even more tough! Though I have become little better in last few months, but still I need to become little more better! You don’t know, how tough it become to handle someone totally strange to you! And even tougher it become to complete the task someone different you started!
  2. Now a days I have getting very different experiences of my life, they can’t be categorized in good or bad, they are sweet experiences indeed! I am thankful to someone for making me feel special in some way, and boosting my belief in unconditional bonds! There are few relationships, you can’t name them, they are just what they are!
  3. Expression is tough! The toughness is the sweetness! I hate internet sometimes for it is not being able to express the emotions 🙂 Though it make expression easier but I think thats useless in some cases!
  4. Its always better to be on the other side!

I thought I should collect random thoughts in one post, so the numbering!

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