My top 5 favorite Pidgin Plugins

I wanted to write this post from a long time, finally, here it goes.

I’ve been using pidgin, the multi protocol IM client for last 2-3 years. It’s one software I use everyday, and most of people on gnu/linux. The best part about pidgin is it’s plugins. With plugins, you can make it work exactly the way you want. I am really happy with my current set of plugins, which I thought I should share with you all.

I think that problem with software on linux is, they are bit poor in design/interface and too heavy in functionality. Though it makes sense, that lots of people develop so many features, it’s pretty hard to mange some consistency. Here is my list of plugins, which would make pidgin, little better in UI along with features that I think that an IM should have.

1. Gtalk Shared status – This is the plugin you want, if you want to make pidgin support invisible mode. Yes, it does that, also it makes your pidgin to support updating all gmail/gtalk instances as soon as you update status in your pidgin. This is a must have addon.

Here is the link

2. Toolbar n Status Bar – This is the plugin for which I searched a lot, I wanted pidgin to look sober and pleasant to eyes, the basic gtk interface doesn’t suits me. This addon would add a nice toolbar with icons, on top of the pidgin, will make the menu bar hid, you can see them by pressing ‘alt’, it adds a nice statusbar at the bottom. overall, it makes your pidgin pretty, exactly what you always wanted.

Here is the link to download

3. Wrap main menu –  This is another plugin which I think should made into the main release. If you have noticed, the main menu in pidgin’s interface is broken, when you decrease the size of pidgin, it would cut and would not wrap around, so here is a plugin, which would do exactly that for you, wrap the main menu.

Here is the link to download

4. Session Save –  Yes, as the name states, it saves you session, all opened chat windows, when you close pidgin and next time when you open pidgin, it will automatically open all those windows for you. Saves a lot of time.

Here is the link to download

5. Advance Short url – Everyone loves pretty and short urls, that’s why the url shorteners are so useful, this pidgin plugin would short urls for you before you send message, another must have.
Here is the link to download

These are my favorite pidgin plugins which I use daily. I am sure these would be useful for everyone using pidgin, thanks for the community for giving us these wonderful plugins.

I would also like to know which one are your favorite and what I am missing. Do write about them in comments below.

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