Twitter should copy Google+’s circle feature.

I think more than facebook, it’s twitter who need to copy the circle feature from Google+.  Posting different things to different people is much more required on twitter than on facebook. I’ve my professional contacts and personal friends on twitter, I would like to share different things with them, without them knowing it.

Twitter could do it by modifying twitter lists to some bit. If I could make private lists and put people in them and share different things with different lists, that’s what I want. The problem I see, in implementing this is, everything is public on twitter, so eventually everyone can see all you updates. But then, that’s ok. Only that I don’t want to spam my follower’s timeline with tweets he might not be interested in and there’s no problem if he explicitly come on my profile to see all of the tweets I made.

I think sooner or later, twitter would need to implement this feature. It’s a much needed one. Google+ is a big threat to them, I believe.

4 thoughts on “Twitter should copy Google+’s circle feature.

  1. Scott Wehrenberg

    The burden with Google+ circles, and Twitter if it followed suit, is that I have to manage what someone else is interested in hearing from me. That’s completely backwards, especially for people with a decent sized public following who they may not know very well.

    What Twitter needs to build is a capability where I can advertise different topics that I talk about, and then people can selectively follow everything I tweet, or just follow tweets that I publish to a particular topic.

  2. gre

    I’m torn on this proposal.
    That’s for sure a good idea, and note that StatusNet (see has already this concept for a few years.
    But I think Twitter should continue to be simple. Twitter is today adding more and more features but that’s probably his simplicity which made it famous.
    The problem is how to keep Twitter simple by adding such new features?


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