How we used Justin Bieber trend on twitter to get hits to our startup – Part 1

If you ever tried to use social media to get more visits and hits to your startup, you must know how powerful is twitter and how powerful are twitter trends. When I was looking into the social media thing to spread word about our social web app, I studied twitter trends very closely, to find out how trends work, who are these people who actually start these trends and how it all goes. This was very interesting thing.

To understand how twitter and it’s trends can help you in spreading the word about your startup, I have some advice to give. First, here are some tools, which would be useful in understanding twitter and it’s trending topics,

1. – is search engine for twitter, it has  nice advance search tool, which has a nice set of search operators that you can use to refine your search. I would suggest you to play with some terms related to your startup, and get idea about what people are tweeting and how much volume it has.
Topsy also has a nice analytics tool, which you can use, to find out when a keyword was most tweeted, this may even lead you to find the origin of a twitter trend, this one is a worth try.

2. – The site let’s you know, why a particular term is trending on twitter. This is, I supposed done by users of website, curated by moderators. This website will help you in understanding twitter trends better.

3. Search – This is pretty decent search, worth a try, for real time search. We all know it well.

When I was looking at something, where we can try getting into the trend and lead some visits to our startup, I realized that, the trends generally started by those people, who actually don’t care much about their online identity or are not much tech savvy. So, don’t think that these people will mind you sending them something, they don’t want, you got what I mean.

At around 6am in morning, when I switched on my monitor, I found that Justin Bieber had reached 10million followers on twitter and hence #10Million Beliebers  was trending on twitter. Justin Bieber fans are young kids, who don’t care much about anything else, loves to click whatever comes their way, I was studying them from a while, I also talked with some of them over some fan chat rooms, I was amazed about how blindly they follow everything Justin.

I saw some opportunity in there, but didn’t know how to capture this, was searching something which we could plug in to our web app quickly, so that we could relate it to Justin Bieber, in some way and see what happens.

At around 7 I got this idea, we created a fan page of Justin Bieber in our web app. The idea was to spread that profile among the fans and see, if it goes viral. Obviously, there are 1000s of Justin Bieber fan pages, there had to be something unique about it.

I created an app, for Justin Bieber fans to send kisses to Justin’s twitter account, using their twitter account. Along that tweet, we would send Justin’s fan page url on our web app. So, fans would come on Justin’s fan page, login with their twitter account, kiss justin, with some nice animation, and send tweet to Justin. And if that catch up, more and more people would do it, that was the whole idea.

Some django twitter library, some jquery goodies and within 30 mins, it was ready to plug into our app, Justin was still trending.

Within 2 hours of getting the idea, we had everything ready and live. The final result can be seen here.

Then I made a tweet from a new twitter account I made for this purpose, along with the hash tag which was trending, I wrote something to tell Justin’s fan to kiss justin, with the url of our app.

As soon as I sent that tweet, hits started coming on the Justin’s fan page. Remember these were hits, because it was a trending topic, many people where searching it, clicking on websites and reaching on our web app. But we wanted people to try the kissing app. And yes, someone did it.

We gained some momentum. More hits, but what we wanted was, people trying the app and retweeting our url.

In my next post, I will write about how it all went, in the end.

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  1. vzades

    4000 kiss already send , this is good stuff but is this making people to make account at

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